Drive-home service

We drive you home after a party or any other private or professional event.

Drive-home service on the South Shore of Quebec City

We offer you a personalized drive-home service in Lévis, in the Bellechasse Regional County Municipality (Sainte-Claire, Saint-Anselme...) or in New-Beauce (Sainte-Marie or surrounding areas). Do you have a late night corporate event? We can pick you up when you leave.

Whether for a party, a golf tournament or any other special activity, take advantage of our taxi service. We know the area well and will drive you to the destination of your choice.

We pick you up after a party or any other events

Drive-home service Sainte-Marie, Sainte-Claire, Saint-Anselme
Drive-home service Bellechasse

Discretion and punctuality

Are you not sober enough to drive? Don't take the risk of driving if you are not! Use our drive-home service to get back home safely.

Available at any time, we can drive you home safely. Rest assured, we offer a discreet and professional service.

We make sure to drive you home safely

We will drive you to your destination:

In complete safety
In comfort
In complete discretion

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